The Controversy About Vaccines

When you first obtain a puppy or kitten, the issue of vaccinations usually pops up.
Either a Veterinary Hospital gives you their schedule of recommended vaccines, or the puppy has already obtained their first round of puppy shots. Most rescues seem to be in agreement about their animals being neutered and vaccinated before they’re adopted, based on the age of the animal.

There are those, however, that give issue to vaccines.  I myself have seen tumors develop from them- some benign fatty tumors, some malignant.  I was forced to put one of my Irish Wolfhounds down after she developed a tumor on her stifle.  Some Veterinarians suggest giving vaccines lower on the leg so that when the animal develops cancer, the leg can be easily amputated!

Some pet owners are made fearful about illnesses and disease as if they’re all rampant. Some owners simply want to avoid having to care for a sick pet, especially if they work full time and are not able to do the nursing that might be neccessary to bring the pet through the illness.  That is understandable. When one of my Irish Wolfhounds came down with what looked like Parvo, I was cleaning up vomit and diarrhea all day, and giving her water orally to keep her from becoming dehydrated.

But Parvo is a good example of a disease that did not always exist- so where did it come from?   There is a theory that the virus mutated from the Feline Panlencopaenia virus that causes Distemper in cats.

So how did the mutation occur?  One way viruses can be encouraged to mutate is by changing them, or weakening (attenuating) them. They can be altered in the lab or in an animals body through the vaccine process.  Vaccines are produced by inducing a disease in the bodies of animals.  When the animal appears to have the disease wanted, the animal’s body is then used to create the vaccine:

This is how the AIDS virus was produced in monkeys.

Following are just a few links to articles about annual vaccines being not only unnecessary, but also potentially harmful or fatal: